Catch Up With Wellness Coach Divya Reddy On May 11

Catch Up With Wellness Coach Divya Reddy On May 11

For all those interested in losing fat and striving to get slim and fit, here is an interesting opportunity.

Wellness coach Divya Reddy is conducting an online session on weight loss on May 11 at 8 PM.

According to a press statement from wellness coach Divya Reddy, this online session is open for all, irrespective of age, weight, health, and social conditions, and it is free of cost.

Interested persons are requested to join the My Fatloss Awareness Whatsapp group created by Divya Reddy to attend the online session.

You can join the WhatsApp Group or call +91 7569048242 to register for the free session on weight loss.

“Obesity is the biggest problem being faced by our society today. Many people are suffering due to increasing weight and related health complications. In spite of many efforts, they are unable to achieve weight loss. To address this pressing problem, I have come up with a unique and impactful solution for weight loss. I can confidently promise participants to decrease their weight, as myself have practised this diet routine and decreased my weight from 87 kgs to 68 kgs in 5 months,” said wellness coach Divya Reddy, explaining about her weightless program.

Divya Reddy’s weight loss program is diet-based and has already proven results in hundreds of individuals. To learn more about the program, catch up directly with Divya Reddy on Saturday, May 11.

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