Nikhil Springs Up A Surprise

Nikhil springs up a surprise

Popular Telugu actor Nikhil pulled up a surprise by making a political move.

He has joined the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) in the presence of its senior leader, Nara Lokesh. While it is not new for actors in the Telugu film industry to join politics, Nikhil’s timing and choice have caught everyone by surprise.


Nikhil came from a normal background and built a career in the Telugu film industry with sheer commitment and hard work. He is just now cementing his place in the Telugu movie industry. So, his decision to join politics at a time when he needed to step up his focus on movies caused people to debate his decision.

While his choice of TDP may be his personal decision, the timing of his joining is being debated. Telugu politics is witnessing acerbic attacks between the ruling YSRCP and the opposition TDP. The rift between both parties is so acute that literally even people have also been divided into two warring factions in Andhra Pradesh. This puts Nikhil in the danger of being disowned by YSRCP cadres. It has to be seen how active Nikhil will conduct himself in politics and how it will impact his film career.

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