Premalu Wins Telugu Movie Lovers Hearts

Malayalam youthful hit Premalu movie is winning Telugu movie lovers hearts, thanks to its refreshing take on youthful romance. Starring an all young cast Premalu released without any expectations in Malayalam and became a super hit. It is a story about youth and their struggles in career and love life in the backdrop of Hyderabad.

As Premalu is close to Telugu nativity, SS Kartikeya, son of maverick director SS Rajamouli, dubbed it into Telugu and released in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states. As Premalu Malayalam movie made headlines already, Telugu audience could easily relate to Premalu Telugu version and gave it a try in theaters. With none other than Baahubali maker Rajamouli himself promoting Premalu, this small movie was able to pull audience to theaters on the very first day.

Thanks to good promotions and positive talk on social media, Telugu version of Premalu has turned into an instant hit. It has already garned more than 2 Cr collections since its release on Friday, March 8th. More than collections it is winning Telugu youth audience hearts. Especially the performances of Mamitha Baiju, Naslen K Gafoor, Shyam Mohan, Sangeet Pratap and others are being appreciated by Premalu movie lovers.

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