Congress Candidate Promises Rs 5,000 Crore Package For Hyderabad’s Old City

Congress Candidate Promises Rs 5,000 Crore Package For Hyderabad's Old City

Hyderabad, May 4: Hyderabad DCC President and Congress candidate for Hyderabad Lok Sabha constituency Mohammed Waliullah Sameer unveiled a comprehensive plan to address the longstanding issues facing the people of Hyderabad.

Waliullah Sameer promised to bring a wave of positive change to the historic yet neglected Old City of Hyderabad, which has suffered from a lack of development and systemic neglect.

During a massive bike rally on Saturday, Waliullah Sameer pledged to tackle unemployment, educational gaps, and inadequate civic amenities in the Old City.

He promised to empower the youth, revitalize education, ensure equitable healthcare, and address socio-economic disparities.

He also vowed to secure a special package of Rs 5,000 crore for the development of Old City, which would help boost local industries and attract new businesses, creating thousands of direct employment opportunities.

Waliullah Sameer highlighted that the current unemployment rate in the Old City is alarmingly high at 21%, with a shocking 45% for those aged 20-24. He asserted that as an elected MP, he would prioritize the development of the Old City, which has suffered from neglect and discriminatory practices for too long.

He also noted that the Congress party has already formed its government in Telangana, and a Congress-led coalition is likely to form the next government at the Centre. Therefore, he believes that as a Congress MP, it would be easier for him to get many projects for the development of Hyderabad.

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