Sam Pitroda’s Comments Puts Congress In A Spot

Sam Pitroda's Comments Puts Congress In A Spot

Technocrat and Congress leader Sam Pitroda’s comments about sharing a part of a person’s wealth with society have put Congress in a spot.

Though Sam Pitroda commented with a good intention, stressing that concentration of wealth in a few hands is detrimental to the common good of society and even the poorest of society need to fulfill necessities, Opposition BJP has used it to their advantage and launched a scathing attack on Congress during the poll campaign.

Speaking to a media outlet, Sam Pitroda expressed that, like in the US, a law has to be brought in India where half of the wealth of people after they die should be given to the public, while half goes to their heirs.

Sam Pitroda proposed this innovative and revolutionary idea to decrease the gap between rich and poor. But the BJP campaign team has lapped up Sam Pitroda’s comments and is using them to attack Congress.

None other than Prime Minister Narendra Modi has hit back at Sam Pitroda’s comments alleging that Congress is planning to take away the hard-earned money of people.

The BJP campaign team is publicizing the supposed WealthRedistributionPlan of Pitroda as Congress’s plan to take away the wealth of people.

Speaking at a public meeting in Chattisgarh on Wednesday, PM Modi alleged that Congress is trying to loot the people while alive and also after death. Modi made these comments regarding Sam Pitroda’s sharing of inheritance.

Besides top leaders of the BJP, its social media teams and campaign teams are also going all out in attacking Congress using Sam Pitroda’s comments. The topic has become so viral. The #WealthRedistributionPlan hashtag is trending on X(Twitter) and other social platforms.

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