Deva Katta’s Lessons To Budding Film Makers

Hyderabad, March 27: Celebrated film director Deva Katta urged budding filmmakers to stick to their passion and persevere in spite of rejections if they want to make a career in filmmaking.

Deva Katta

Speaking to aspiring filmmakers, students, and film lovers at Osmania University (OU) in Hyderabad, Deva Katta came up with several invaluable suggestions. He attended ‘Jashn-e-Sainma,’ a short film festival and competition conducted by OU’s Journalism Department on Wednesday.

“You need to stick to your passion and give it all if you want to become a filmmaker. You need to have loads of patience and persevere in spite of hardships and, above all, should be ready for rejections,” said Deva Katta addressing the students at the film event.

“Even after delivering a hit like Vennela, I had to face numerous rejections when I narrated the story of Prasthanam to prospective producers. Many could not digest the fact that the hero’s mother will marry a second time. That was way ahead of times in 2010 and disruptive. Many also suggested changes. But I was convinced about the story and had a strong conviction in it,” said Deva Katta, explaining how his commitment to the story and his belief in himself as a filmmaker helped him in coming up with one of the best movies in his career.

Giving examples from his filmmaking career, Deva Katta stressed how a filmmaker’s conviction in his script helps him become a successful filmmaker.

Deva Katta had a lively interaction with students on the topic ‘The New Wave: Emerging Film Makers and Fresh Perspectives in South Indian Cinema’. He ended the session on an inspiring note, saying these are the best times to be a filmmaker as new filmmakers are being welcomed wholeheartedly by both the film industry and the audience.

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