Nara Rohit Attempts A Revival

Nara Rohit attempts a revival

Tollywood hero Nara Rohit is coming up with the Pratinidhi 2 movie, which is a sequel to the critically acclaimed Pratinidhi movie released in 2014.

Nara Rohit

He is making this intense film after a gap of more than five years. He has put all his hopes on this political drama to revive his career.

Nara Rohit made his debut in 2009 with Baanam. An intense movie, Baanam received good reviews, and even Nara Rohit was seen as a promising hero. Later, he made movies like Solo, Rowdy Fellow, Appatlo Okadunde Vadu, Jyo Achyutananda, and others. Though he tasted moderate success and earned recognition, he could not build a successful career. Besides playing lead roles, Nara Rohit also played character roles in several movies.

Now, after a hiatus, Nara Rohit is back with Pratinidhi 2. In this thought-provoking movie, he plays the role of a fearless and committed journalist. It is directed by noted journalist Murthy. As Pratinidhi was a critically acclaimed hit, its sequel is seen as a perfect choice for reviving Nara Rohit’s career.

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