Big Shock For Pawan Kalyan: Pothina Mahesh Resigns

Big Shock For Pawan Kalyan: Pothina Mahesh Resigns

In a big setback for Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan, his longtime supporter, Pothina Mahesh, resigned from the party.

Pothina Mahesh, one of the popular leaders of the Janasena party, bid goodbye to the party, alleging that Pawan Kalyan has no commitment to the people and party cadre.

Pothina Mahesh is among the very few leaders who have earned fame as Janasena’s leader. He was a vocal supporter of Pawan Kalyan and took an active part in Janasena activities. He aspired to contest for Assembly elections from Vijayawada West constituency.

But he was denied a ticket as this Assembly segment was allotted to the BJP as part of the TDP-BJP-Janasena alliance. Pothina Mahesh has been assiduously trying for a Janasena ticket from the Vijayawada West constituency and lobbied hard with Pawan Kalyan for the same. In spite of his efforts, he could not get Janasena’s ticket, leaving him severely disappointed.

While it is common for politicians to change parties during election time, Pothina Mahesh’s decision to quit Janasena surely is a big jolt for Janasena Chief. There are very few second-rung leaders in Janasena whom people recognize as the party faces.

Pothina Mahesh was one of them. Moreover, he has been a staunch supporter of Pawan Kalyan. He was able to create a name for himself in spite of Janasena being a party without a proper organizational build-up and framework.

The biggest problem is that Pothina Mahesh has criticized Pawan Kalyan heavily while leaving the party.

“Pawan Kalyan has no commitment towards people. Anyone who joins politics desires to earn people’s love and reputation. But Pawan Kalyan has no concern for people or his public image. He is only concerned about increasing his assets and helping TDP. It is shocking that instead of building Janasena, Pawan Kalyan is always working to help TDP. We feel cheated,” said Pothina Mahesh, coming down heavily on Pawan Kalyan.

Pothina Mahesh even went to the extent that he is feeling disgusted to have supported a selfish and directionless Pawan Kalyan. He made serious allegations that Pawan Kalyan is cheating Kapu youth to serve the interests of Chandrababu Naidu’s TDP.

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