David Warner And Rajamouli Ad Is Pure Bliss

David Warner And Rajamouli Ad Is Pure Bliss

We all know how entertaining cricketer David Warner is. He is always active on social media and never shies away from dancing to Indian songs or recreating movie dialogues.

We all know how famous his ‘Pushpa’ act was. Now, he is once again in showbiz, and guess what? He has teamed up with Baahubali director SS Rajamouli.

In the video ad made for the financial services app Cred, David Warner and Rajamouli feature in quite an interesting fashion. While this combination itself has made jaws drop, the way David Warner carried the whole ad on his shoulders floors one and all.

This Cred ad envisions a scenario in which Rajamouli, who has directed stars like Prabhas, NTR, and Ram Charan, has to direct Australian cricketer David Warner. While the ensuing scenario is frustrating for the star director, it turns out to be quite enjoyable for the star cricketer. However, it is the viewers who are all laughs.

The Rajamouli and David Warner ad has become such a hit that it is trending on all social media platforms and winning appreciation from all quarters. Many netizens are even demanding David Warner to take up full-time acting in Indian movies, as he seems a perfect fit for the desi entertainment.

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