Electric Vehicle Buying App Juiy Launched

Juiy EV app Launch

Hyderabad, April 17: Hyderabad-based startup Juiy, launched Electric Vehicle Buying Assistant App. Telangana IT and Industries Minister D Sridhar Babu launched Juiy app, aimed at promoting and selling EVs.

Juiy EV app aims to address the misconceptions about EVs and assist buyers in transitioning to electric vehicles. Juiy assists customers right from discoverability to delivery of the vehicle.


While the buying assistant is open to the entire country, vehicles are currently being sold only in Hyderabad, with plans to scale to more cities in the coming months.

According to a press release issued by Juiy on Wednesday, IT Minister of Telangana Sridhar Babu said, “Innovation and entrepreneurship are the driving forces behind our nation’s progress. I commend the founders of Juiy, Mahanth Mallikarjuna and Pranay Kommu, for their vision and dedication to creating a transformative mobility solution in the form of the Juiy App.”

Mahanth Mallikarjuna (Co-founder of Juiy) expressed his joy at the inaugural event, saying, “The mission of Juiy is to provide sustainable and efficient transportation options for everyone. With our innovative app, we aim to assist buyers in transitioning to electric vehicles.”

Juiy works with almost all popular electric two-wheeler brands and has partnered with Axis Bank and LoanTap for finance, Reliance General Insurance, Chola MS, and Kotak General Insurance for insurance needs.

Juiy is on a mission to transition 1 million buyers from ICE (internal combustion engines) to electric two-wheelers in the next year.

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