Farmers Leader Warns Seeds Companies

Farmers Leader Warns Seeds Companies

Telangana Kisan Congress chairman Sunketa Anvesh Reddy warned seed companies, not to sell spurious seeds to farmers in the state, as unscrupulous policies adopted by seeds companies have been pushing farmers into severe distress. He warned of stern action against erring seed companies.

Anvesh Reddy said that the previous BRS Government failed to act on wrongdoings by seed companies, which led to severe problems among farmers.

“Several seed companies are looting farmers by selling spurious seed companies. They have become brazen by the inaction of last BRS Government. But they should know that the farmer-friendly Congress Government has come into power in Telangana, and strict action will be taken on companies selling spurious seeds. During KCR’s tenure, cases were booked on dealers who sold spurious seeds, leaving companies. Thus will not continue now under CM Revanth Reddy’s governance. Stern action will be taken against all those involved in selling spurious seeds,” said Sunketa Anvesh Reddy, warning seed companies.

Anvesh Reddy also expressed concern over selling of substandard seeds to farmers in the state, urging seed companies to stop this unethical practice.

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