Telugu Youth Rescued From Cambodia

Telugu Youth Rescued From Cambodia

More than 60 youth, who were forcibly kept under cyber fraudsters in Cambodia have been rescued by Cambodian authorities.

These youth, mostly belonging to Andhra Pradesh state, were duped by conmen on the pretext of offering well-paying jobs in the southeast Asian nation Cambodia.

According to the officials, More than 60 youth from Andhra Pradesh were taken to Cambodia with the promise of offering software jobs. These job seekers paid about Rs 1 lakh for agents with the hope of landing well-paying jobs overseas. But to their shock, their skills were used for cybercrime.

Cybercrime fraudsters operating from Cambodia forcibly kept these Indian youth under their control and used them in cybercrime operations. They even threatened the Indian youth when the latter revolted.

According to web reports from various news sources, more than 300 youth from different states are believed to be held captive by cyber fraudsters in Cambodia.

Upon receiving a complaint, Cambodian police raided the cyber fraudsters and released these Indian youth. Indian Embassy officials in Cambodia confirmed the release of Indian youth and urged job seekers to beware of fraudulent job offers.

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